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Invisible Ribbon Campaign Introduction

An invisible ribbon is chosen as the symbol for the preservation of more nonsense in the electronic world. The invisible ribbon is of course inspired by Harald Schmidt's black-white "cows against mad cows desease" and red "Save Bill Clinton" - ribbons, and also by the various more or less unknown blue ribbons, the panther's pink ribbon, etc.

More and more sites in the WorldWideWeb are earnest and serious. This is a very alarming evolution. The portion of nonsense in the worldwide data-network goes down to a threatening low level!

The Invisible Ribbon will be a way to raise awareness of these issues, from locally to globally, and for the quiet voice of reason to be heard.

We insist that as much nonsense as exists in newspapers, television or theaters must be present online.

See immediately below for info on how to get Invisible Ribbon graphics for your WWW pages.

Invisible Ribbon Graphics

All Web users are strongly encouraged to place an Invisible Ribbon graphicon their servers, such as the ones below. (Click on each to download if your browser requires this.)

[Big Invisible Ribbon icon  - click here to download] [Small version - click here to download] [Square Invisible Ribbon icon, black background Invisible Image 

NOTE: You do NOT need to ask for permission to use these graphics. They are public domain, created either by anybody, or by anybody else. (Note that the fourth graphic is complete invisible!)

If you would like to point your Invisible Ribbon icon at this InvisibleRibbon page (the page you are reading now), you can add this HTML Anchor to your homepage.

If you are not sure why you need to participate in the Invisible Ribbon Campaign and stand up for more online nonsense, or uncertain how nonsense is threatened, press this button for the following purpose: 

Other Invisible Ribbon Pages

Here are some other sites supporting Invisible Ribbon pages. This is a list of people supporting the Invisible Ribbon Campaign and putting Invisible Ribbons on their WWW pages - there are already less than five dozen! To add your site to this list, please add an invisible Ribbon-Image from above with a link to this page to your Page and send an e-mail to the Invisible Administrator. (The site you add to this list needs not to contain nonsense itself.) Don't wait until it is too late! Join the Invisible Ribbon Campaign!

Send a Mail to the Invisible Administrator.

Create you own Invisible Ribbon Graphics! The best ones will be published here and offered for public download!